Thursday, March 11, 2010


Dear buku,

Today, Ummi and I went to a funeral somewhere in Jerteh. As usual, like any funeral, people are going in and out of the house to pay the last respect to the the dead and to recite surah Yassin for him in order to ease the journey of the soul to afterlife.
As we entered the house, familiar faces greeted us while exchanging hand shakes and smiles, so did the unfamiliar ones..{this is what amazed me of how friendly Muslims are, Alhamdulillah}....then,we headed to the room where the body lied...together in the room were his sons and a few of relatives reciting Yassin for him. We joined them in the room and suddenly one of his sons bursting himself in tears outside the room. Maybe the sadness is unbearable that he needs to let it all out. Ummi who happened to stand there with some of the relatives patted him on the shoulders and calmed him down.....
We then went to see the wife which was in another room sitting at the corner of the bed surrounded by friends,relatives and the only daughter. The ambiance was so gloomy with tears on every face. From the wife's face, it was clear that she still could not learn the sudden death of her beloved husband when everything was as normal as possible the day before. Hugging the daughter, she kept saying there was nothing wrong with the husband that could cause the death. To add, was the youngest child of the family who entered the room happily with smile on his innocent face. Obliviously, he still could not understand what was happening *sigh*....its so overwhelming that we even shed our tears and shared the sadness. Deep in our hearts, we could only pray they will be strong to face the days ahead....
On our way back to our home, a thought keeps lingering at the back of my mind......If I were in their shoes, how will I cope with such situation...could I handle it? or perhaps, totally collapse. I am not that strong nor good at hiding emotions.

Anyways, may he rest in peace and may his family be strong to go through this situation and the future to come.


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Al fatihah..

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al fatihah..

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