Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dear buku,

* smile * Ngeheeee...I couldn't stop smiling for now...let me enjoy this wonderful moment, okay?...*keep smiling*
Well, I'm not in love or anything might relate to it,mind's just about a tiny,less important thing for most people I must say. Yet, is able to keep me smiling for quite sometime..Thanks,you
Now I could go to sleep and dream something happy and hoping for more good things coming my way...Thanks,Allah

** Yaya is a girl who easily excited and pleased over small things ** =D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Dear buku,

Why o Why? I thought I posted a comment for the entry and only waiting for the approval of the blog owner to be published. But as I browsed back to the blog to check on the owner's comment towards mine earlier....stated that is still no comment yet for the particular entry...what happened?????I thought I posted a comment just now...and I begin to realize maybe the owner of the blog himself, didn't approve the comment I made about the article...maybe....but WHY????? least tell me why...have I done wrong, or mistreating you???huh!!! YOU!!!!!!! erghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


Well, okay's your right be selective of whom could give comments to any of your entry,guess I need to respect that from now on...not like those few weeks which I could just drop any comment suits to my liking...not anymore...
I apologize for anything I done that makes you upset...sorry...and what ever it is,I will always admire your beautiful thoughts and stories...GOOD LUCK,you...

****hush this uncomfortable feeling away,for I need to withstand through this journey of mine***

Monday, December 21, 2009


Dear diary,

The outing today with the usual girls and the usual fun!! That was our so-called farewell party as Mimi and Ellie will be pursuing their studies soon. Oh!my...already missing them now as I reminisce back the hoo-haa together along the unemployed period, temp job as substitute teacher and unemployed again....HAHA!! What a fun we had...Thanks guys for being such great companies through those ups and downs...
The event today included the 'unplanned in-advance birthday party'[did I put that correctly?] for this spontaneous girl,Miss Ellie....HAPPY BECOMING BIRTHDAY, the days to come showered with more great things....and yes,make new friends in Shah Alam okay?Mimi too...
And,Ina whose recently engaged and in preparation for her solemnization day on the Valentine's Day...pray for your happiness always.LUV u guys....xoxo..

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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Dear buku...

Another day passed as I am still wondering or precisely giving thousands thought of pursuing the even something that I would be thinking right before I begin my journey to Lala Land...(of course soon after the doa's recited)
It actually more on why I am desired to do so....well,initially because I got nothing else to do obviously, for I am unemployed...not that I am too reluctant to find any job that could compliment my degree....but I guess I have this personal reason [SOLID] in not attending the job interviews called to me....and eventually,as days turn to months and a year it would be as soon as the 31 December hits the 2010 and people scream HAPPY NEW YEAR,follows by the gigantic,amazing fireworks out to the sky while I'll be adding that 1 year to my current age...gosh!!! I am freaking out,ya!!...Hence,why I need to do something with my life now...NOW!!! make it worst, the people I used to hang out with chatting for hours, laughing , try out new makan place...and yada2 are actually moving their life..and I'll be here still unsure of what I am going to do in my me,if I were given a chance to choose,I'd rather killing those spare time by reading books I have not had the chance to put my hands on, from one bookstore to another..HAHA,silly me..but that would not to be happened,right?..coming to my sense,I figured that maybe this is the right time to be serious in my life...and the idea of pursuing masters popped up..besides,some of my ex-schoolmates are doing the same,so,why not I??...a few forms printed,some are applied through the Net...just to show that I am actually making my way there...SERIOUSLY,sorry if you guys are feeling uncomfortable for having to read all these,I was making this as discreet as you could get back to anything you are working on; eating, blog walking, moving your life[so sarcastic]......

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Dear buku,

Today: Sooooo...exhausted mentally because of failure to brainstorm any inspiring

idea to construct the required proposal for Master's Degree.....ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!

HELP! help! HeLp!....

This particular hour: Even more tense, knots & whatnot developed, still fail to take any initiate step to complete the already getting sleepy thus stopping any attempt verbally or non-verbally regrading the proposal..

heh!!!! NUMBNESS infection.....

Friday, December 4, 2009

HUJAN (bukan indie band)

Dear buku,

It is another rainy day which has hit the country mainly East Coast...not to say that I hate the rain for in a way, it brings some peaceful along with the downpour...listening to the dripping sounds chorusing to make their own music and somehow the rain managed to shed away any pain at your heart even a little bit,as in washing them...I think..

I wonder that's why I always wait for the rain to that,it could rinse away all those sad episodes in order for me to regain,getting strong enough to face another challenging day...some might say I am a fragile person...too weak to handle the drawbacks of the life...not that I didn't try people,guess there's so much to handle which makes me longing for something to avoid me weeping over....oh,RAIN is needed here...
It could also serve as substitution of tears by just looking the rain pouring before my rain means a world to me...excuse myself for being such a pathetic, misusing the God's beautiful creation for granted...but as long as I'm not causing any harm to others,it will remain as it is...

*** I count my blessings and I push the blues away ***

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Dear buku,

Saya dah buat lagi...'menggagalkan' diri untuk tulis entry secara rutin...ampun!!!
But, too lazy to do any comical explanation or excuse...yeah2...SAYA MEMANG MALAS!!!
Anyway, suddenly missing the besties so much especially listening to certain songs that invited such emotion even more...sob3...
A result from missing those moments of idiotic , craziness , chaotic back in then student's life!!
I miss my girls so much!!! Okay, now I'm being annoying...well,please bare with it until you are told not to do so...which,NEVER!! (PLEASE BE NOTED THAT THE AUTHOR CURRENTLY IS HAVING A SERIOUS AILMENT CALLED SYNDROME INSTABILITY)
Above all that, the entry is meant to share 1 of the songs that touch my heart very I should just do so...
The song title is " Hold On" sung by Michael Buble,a major huge fan of him lately besides the ailment just,here it is guys...May you enjoy it as much as I do...

p/s: to my girls out there,anywhere you are,may find only the blisfulness in every moment of your cherish the memories shared together!! Take Care...