Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scrapaperclip Giveaway


Dear buku,

How 'bout some feast for your eyes?? Just knocking some sense on the wonders made by this arty girl. =)

Honestly, I do love arts and appreciate everyone of them....let alone those who have created them. How I wish my hands could work these wonders too.. These are only just the snippets of the creations, if you're craving for more, do visit the blog, Scap@perclip. And the person behind all those creative handwork is FarahD, a girl with lotsa talents and interesting ideas. Kudos to her!

By the way, speaking of which this blog is organizing a giveway to bloggers especially those bride2bes out there. Who knows its your luck to win one of those great artworks! Far from the usual 'PLEASE LIKE ME' giveway, this one is just surprisingly, a simple one. Yes, by that, I mean really simple like in no time, you would be joining the giveway already. tehee~

So, here's how the rules goes;

1}First of all, be a follower of this artsy blog.

2}Make an entry at your blog about this giveaway. A simple one is passable! =)

3} Leave a comment at the blog together with the link of the post and your e-mail to ease her to contact you in case you're a winner! =D

4} HOORAY! Now you're in the running to win the fabulous handwork of hers...and lets pray that you'll win..huhuhu...

The giveaway ends at 12 noon of 17th November 2011, hurry! You still got time to join..
Whatever it is, do support her with business as those great artworks should be appreciated,no? All the best to FarahD    and may she grow well with her passion for arts.

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