Friday, September 4, 2009

BYE-BYE bestie!!!

Dear buku,

Sayer sgt happy coz finally I got to meet the long-lost bestie, Cik Awe deary...even going thru' quite a long delay...I'm glad it happened...zillions of thank to her for never giving up on me..I mean it,Thanks dear....
And as we chatted to each other, it was like reminiscing of our little girls,childhood memories....those days when we shared most of our dreams...bout' what we would be when we grow up, how we would dress if EVER we go to prom night(HAHAHA,yeah it's silly but trust me,its a wonderful feeling)....and not to mention the kind of guy we are interested in.....yep! we were those typical school girls that never dream anything but a mushy,fairy-tale like future
Only now, we are no longer talking on that dreamy ideas...kami dah matured okay!
But,having said that, sgt gembira kerana sgt lama tidak far as I could remember,last time we met was almost six years dah kata sgt long-lost tuh!!!huhuhu....
Dia xpernah berubah, masih sorg teman yg sgt bubbly,happy-go-lucky...ader jer benda yg dia mau gelak... 1 new thing bout' her is she wears an eye-glasses now...sgt srupa dgn maknye..yeah,i know u heart ur mak,awe....
She came with her siblings whose no longer that same kiddies I know...dah besar budak2 tuh...and with the addition of little cutie Hawa Annur which happened to be just like her sis.u guys ni mcm photostat je tau...huhuhu
And,dont know why,it felt kinda relief and easy feeling deep inside because I know I never lost that bestie no matter where she's studying now (Indon tuh kire jauh ar kan?)...the same person whose I had my childhood laughters with...and I'll continue to be...alhamdulillah..
itu pasal la, malam td jumper trus sayer wat entry nih...yer,sayer tau sayer bukan blogger contoh yg akan hapdate setiap hari...heh!..nk wat camaner...
Well, hopefully the frenship between us'll never change dan kami akan selalu jumper...huhuhu

BTW, cik awe...thanks for coming eventhough tomorrow u'll catch ur flight to K.L...gud luck for ur exams...nanti nk msk clinical kn?bestnyer...
take care k!
Jumper raya nanti!
Loads of luv...

2 buzz(es):

Hawa CMS said...

thnx for the post!
sngat2 terharu
ni da kat jak
xde smnagt nye
windu adek2
n kawan2 juge!!

i have to be strong
esok i exam
then baru pk nak melangok kat jak ni smpai 17th or tukar tiket balik malysia awal sket

miss u dear
wish me luck k?
pray for me!

luv u!!!

lili11 said...

Jumpa kawan lama memang besh! i know that feeling ...
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