Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear buku,

Dah lama saya xdgr term ni....usually,the term is used among me and my dear friends....for example;

Si A : wei,sorry ek lambat....(while displaying the most stickiest grin of all
...actually referring to kerang busuk...hahaha)

Si B : lame la gak...dah berakar segale....(please be aware if that term is used or else more firing-words would smacked you out!!!!!)

conclusion is,berakar tuh menunjukkan masa yg sgt lama which very similar to me. It has been so long since I made an entry here,almost a month!!! sgt tak bagus saya ni kan? I tried so hard to commit to this blog, but it seems like the more I try, the difficult things get on me....sigh.....

However,browsing thru my friends' blogs has really motivated me to click the 'New Post' button,delivering anything that comes across my mind,without any specific motive......just like my dear sis said to me once,'a blog is where you pour everything in your mind without having to think twice '...and I am pretty sure what she means is you have to be yourself,no need of pretending to appear perfect,good with words and most of all be truthful!!! and here I am,being honest and proudly claim that this entry is motiveless which equals to senseless......SORRY for the not-so-nice-truth....

Anyway,a lot had happened lately...starting with the job,relationship,course,important decisions to be made and so many more.....kinda unbearable!! Oh!May The Almighty lead me the right path....

Talking bout' my job,the substitution period is nearly coming to end,officially on Wednesday but I have to finish it sooner than that coz I got a course to,my last day at school will be on Sunday with the students are sitting for their final exams,before their good,waited school holiday....I reckon it will be a little bit awkward of not having to do the teachings anymore since the noisiness,naughtiness,and illogical-but-funny-questions of that young,innocent and cute kiddies have been my daily routine from day 1 I was there.They are surely be part of life stories to be told later to my children....goodbye guys....May u lead a better and great life ahead and become an educated human,not just living in your beautiful dreams....pray for u....

But then, who knows I might come back there,substituting again or perhaps as a recognized teacher....who can tell that,no?
Look how motiveless this entry guys, not entirely related topics it included...hopefully,it will happen this other time...or else I might be a damsel in distress by then..hahaha

So,lets put this entry to an end before any of u'd be dying out of boredom and I'll be accused to be a blogger-killer...(the senseless is turning into the crappy imaginative thoughts)

The End.......

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Hawa CMS said...

panjang umo!
baru je nak masuk blog ini dan membuat onar sbb da lama tak disogok dgn post yg baru
misshhh u cyg!

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