Friday, July 17, 2009


Arahan? sp punyer arahan ni? hahahaha...its not even an order pom,but just 2 make u guys curious...if so,kalo x,xpela..biar yaya sorg2 jer...xkesah...[kemelalutan]...
anyways, this is a request from a dear fren, cik ellie on an award...srunuk ek dpt nk bg amik je la..thanks ya! so here it is....

Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award

1. well,(with a villain's face)....hahahaha...she is a fun person to be with...u can talk almost everythin's with her(ceh3,kembang ek ko)

2.a down to earth person- never care enough 'bout what she's good at until you tell her so...(skrg promo aku baik plak)

3. we have been frens sinceeeee...FOREVER kot cos kecik knal dier, msk primary pom skelas smpai abis pastu stil kwn smpi skrg..amik ko,lmnyer kiter kwn cik ellie!

4.suker tenggelam-timbul...sikijap dio ado pastu xtau dier p maner....LOL...jgn mare!!!!

5. on top of that.....she is just happened to be 1 of my dear fren....

so,the facts're there,jd cik ellie"u have to accept them either u like or not!...yeah!!!!the DIctator's here,,,hahaha

Jot down 10 interesting facts about yourself of your hobbies
okay, inilah diriku!
1.i'm a forever's free rite? he3 leave me in an ocean of books,I'll be fine for HOURS!!!! kalo lapa pom, I cr buku psal makan! kahkahkah

3. sgt lembut hati- people tend to take advantage on me,unfortunately! HUMAN!!!!

4.super-duper SENSITIVE- bukn smpai xleh sentuh/paranoid ker aper ok! interestingly, it even makes me care more bout others...

5.very malas in updating this BLOG!!!!! sorry buku ku! putting a lot of efforts in beading work! ye la tuh yaya,who's u bluffing,huh?

7.6-months being unemployed and still being one!

8.very happy with my new hair cut currently...YEAY

9.mood-swinger-jgn takut plak mau borak ker,blanjer ker...Hahaha

10. i love to make frens....hey,jom kawan nk? secara drastik!!!!!

finally, there u go...abis gak..phew(skipping a few of the requested steps..kih3...cory mek ya)...pnat tol mau fikir to fill in the list...nway, I made it ye...HOORAY 4 yaya!!!!!
CLAP3.....thank u2...while holding the AWARD.... muahahaha

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ellielira said...

wooiii..jom kfc seblom duit ku habis nih!

ellielira said...

one more, aku x mampu kot nk tenggelam timbul sbb aku berat dowh!! aku akan cuba untuk sentiasa timbul ye :P

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