Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Dear buku,

A BIG Hello I must say for the failure to do frequent entries meaning I haven't visiting the buku for quite a time.My bad...apologize...but still,I really can't promise making post as much as I want to....too many barriers(eleh,totally denial walhal aku yg malas,heh)

Anyways,there were many things could be my subjects for the post....unfortunately,(again,a fragile defence...LOSER)..didn't feel like talking about them...
Well,enough about the distracted story of how lazy I am...(ESCAPISM)

Today, I went to a wedding boutique along with my friends,Cik Mimi and Cik Ellie.Mind you,I am not getting married if that popped in your mind!!! Its Cik Mimi,she was the one that will get married...perhaps,at the 2nd or 3rd month next exact date has been clarified yet..somehow,she just wanted to have a brief idea on which boutique to choose,what packages available...yada,yada....So,thats how we end up for 3 hours there eventhough it hadn't felt that long....

The boutique owner,was so nice and warmth and was willing enough to entertain any question from the amateurs like us...Thanks Kak Sha...(kitaorg mmg banyak mulut,,,hahaha)...we made our way there with reference from Kak Aniem,a newly wed last October...we were so amazed by the design of the dais(pelamin),its one of a kind,I think (hehehe)..thus,we felt like we really need to check out the,here we were...

The boutique,Shaz's Wedding, could be considered as a one stop center for those who don't want to be bothered by inability to make choice of each aspect of the wedding(for example;dais,hantaran,catering,apparels and etc)...well,this is a must for you to check out..and as far as I could tell you,the satisfaction is guaranteed.(Okay...after this,nk mntak upah promote kt Kak Sha...hahahaha)...for more details you may to contact the owner itself here.

After finishing the initial discussion with Kak Sha,we went to have our lunch at about 3 o'clock and that was after misses tummy had become very grumpy.huhuhuhu...and to that,we feast on the mouth-watering chicken chop at Gemilang Restaurant.Spent another 1 hour and a half there catching up on each others stuff.Now,we felt like don't want to end the meeting as there were still much to chat about....well,maybe some other time guys...thanks anyway for the girls day out....There goes another day of my 'unemployed' life...yes...I haven't secured myself a permanent job yet...loser me...anyways,finally I made an entry now....hahaha(x susah kalau rajin kn!!!sile angguk skrg sebab sy suruh!!!) YEAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

So,lets wrap up...getting sleepy now...bye

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Hawa CMS said...

survey wedding boutique nampaknye!

{ yaya } said...

hahahaha...being unemployed..what else could we,siyes sgt lawa the things there..

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