Friday, December 4, 2009

HUJAN (bukan indie band)

Dear buku,

It is another rainy day which has hit the country mainly East Coast...not to say that I hate the rain for in a way, it brings some peaceful along with the downpour...listening to the dripping sounds chorusing to make their own music and somehow the rain managed to shed away any pain at your heart even a little bit,as in washing them...I think..

I wonder that's why I always wait for the rain to that,it could rinse away all those sad episodes in order for me to regain,getting strong enough to face another challenging day...some might say I am a fragile person...too weak to handle the drawbacks of the life...not that I didn't try people,guess there's so much to handle which makes me longing for something to avoid me weeping over....oh,RAIN is needed here...
It could also serve as substitution of tears by just looking the rain pouring before my rain means a world to me...excuse myself for being such a pathetic, misusing the God's beautiful creation for granted...but as long as I'm not causing any harm to others,it will remain as it is...

*** I count my blessings and I push the blues away ***

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