Sunday, December 20, 2009


Dear buku...

Another day passed as I am still wondering or precisely giving thousands thought of pursuing the even something that I would be thinking right before I begin my journey to Lala Land...(of course soon after the doa's recited)
It actually more on why I am desired to do so....well,initially because I got nothing else to do obviously, for I am unemployed...not that I am too reluctant to find any job that could compliment my degree....but I guess I have this personal reason [SOLID] in not attending the job interviews called to me....and eventually,as days turn to months and a year it would be as soon as the 31 December hits the 2010 and people scream HAPPY NEW YEAR,follows by the gigantic,amazing fireworks out to the sky while I'll be adding that 1 year to my current age...gosh!!! I am freaking out,ya!!...Hence,why I need to do something with my life now...NOW!!! make it worst, the people I used to hang out with chatting for hours, laughing , try out new makan place...and yada2 are actually moving their life..and I'll be here still unsure of what I am going to do in my me,if I were given a chance to choose,I'd rather killing those spare time by reading books I have not had the chance to put my hands on, from one bookstore to another..HAHA,silly me..but that would not to be happened,right?..coming to my sense,I figured that maybe this is the right time to be serious in my life...and the idea of pursuing masters popped up..besides,some of my ex-schoolmates are doing the same,so,why not I??...a few forms printed,some are applied through the Net...just to show that I am actually making my way there...SERIOUSLY,sorry if you guys are feeling uncomfortable for having to read all these,I was making this as discreet as you could get back to anything you are working on; eating, blog walking, moving your life[so sarcastic]......

4 buzz(es):

ellielira said...

kami sentiasa ada bersama kamu.

{ yaya } said...

ellie: yes,pliz do!!! sy rindu musim itu!!!!

Hawa CMS said...

kejar la mane yg sempat kejar
this is ur time babe!!!
anda boleh!
malaysia boleh!
and of course we will always be with u tru highs and lows~

**mcm pakar motivasi tak??**

{ yaya } said...

awa: thanks so much pun doa mcm tu jgak..mari kita same2 usaha! ayuh!!! hahaha

**ha'ah la,n u're good at it though...ernk tukar bidang ke?**

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